Artist Statement

 Louises Will is my alter ego representing my will to develop my art practice. With my work I study the notion of reality and its relationship with time, space and information to demonstrate that the world is not as clear as we see it. I work with photography, video and sculpture to reflect about feeling lost and not familiar with actuality, meant by the actual state of things in time and space. The reason is that reality and the information are not absolute, it is not clear if reality is how one subject perceive it, indeed one subject can feels lost, unfamiliar with information and with no clear idea about anything. 


 Photography is the witness of actuality, it isolates time and space in an image. It allows my art practice to see reality from a different perspective and to see objects from the outside. I use semiotics and signs, which I manipulate canceling the details, to question the viewer about what is real and what is not. I use technical artifices for my photos such as deforming and macro lenses, focus and editing softwares.

 Among all the conceptions of actuality the dimension of time is very subjective, which includes the concept of death. Part of my work stands as a reminder of death, which is the destiny of every living entities. I talk about death by creating photographs of mold which stands as a metaphor of decay. 

As long as death I express the fact that for centuries human beings dominated their natural environment, for example by showing pollution and the harmful relationship between humans and nature. Indeed my aim is making the viewer reflect about social and cultural issues, thanks to the influence I get from social engaged art.


Can't see the way

"Can't see the way", 67x45 cm, digital photography, November 2018, London, UK