Major Long Term Project

 My post-graduate degree in London, MFA Fine Arts at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL, allowed me to highlight new research questions which I want to explore in the next few months. In particular I would like to research more the notion of time and actuality nowadays and compare it to the past. I will keep to express the cognition of time and reality through photography and performance. During my MFA degree I learned how to manage my creativity, so to develop my ideas and to decide if an idea is good or not, I really learned how to criticize my work and the work of other people. The MFA Fine Arts degree really improved my confidence and my ability to think philosophically. It also helped my presentation skills develop, which I want to push further with a theatre and performance practice.My plan is to establish in Paris, as I want to learn French very well, and attend an acting course.


I will organize my solo show in Paris in a community centre with the help of a curator friend of mine. I will apply for competitions and establish contacts with few galleries in Europe, to keep my practice develop and to get money to keep affording my creative practice. I will take a few months as a break from work but then I will need to find a job. Hopefully I will find a job as photo-journalist which would allow me to travel and shot photos for a living.

11-23 February 2020, Sprout Arts, London, UK, “Ten Degrees Plus”


 This exhibition was organized by eleven artist from the MFA Fine Art course in a gallery called Sprout Arts. Invigilating the show made me learn how to relate with different people, how to accept critiques and suggestions from them and how to sell artworks. It was an excellent opportunity to both develop my organisational and presentation skills and to address a large audience of different people.


Leraning outcomes:

- Relational skills

- How to sell artworks 

- Organizational skills

- Presentation skills 

6-9 December 2019, Platform Southwark, London, UK, “Emergency Art”

 I designed the corporate image of the event, in particular: title, poster, flyer and banner. This achievement made me learn how to design a corporate identity for an art exhibition. I gained the skill of how to find a compromise for graphic designs and create designs which are not reflecting my taste. Indeed I needed to create many proposal before the organizer of the show accepted one. I showed photographs of nature which I shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I needed to select few photos from a great series, which was challenging as I learned how to edit photos for a particular concept. 

Learning outcomes:

- Edit photographies 

- Reaching compromises 

- Design corporate image for an art show

7-11 November 2019, Crypt Gallery, London, UK, “Immurement”

 The Immurement show was presented by the MFA Fine Art students at the Crypt Gallery in the St. Pancreas Church, London. This experience was a strong commitment to analyze the history of the Crypt Gallery and to produce an art piece which has relation with it. Receiving feedbacks by other artists allowed me to settle new solutions for my practice and understand how to improve following people's suggestions. 

Criticizing my classmates’ work taught me to understand the rhetoric of images and made my confidence and language ability rise. I was part of the promotion group and I learned how to organized a group from a long distance and to split the role of the marketing team. I learned how to decide if an idea is good, for example to make a sticker with the QR code linking to the website of our show.

Learning outcomes:

- Analyze the history of a site

- New solution for my practice

- Confidence in speaking English

- Organize group work

10-17 April 2019, Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK, “A girl walking alone at night”

 This exhibition took place at Wimbledon College of Art, in a corridor. I learned to engage people in a place where people never stop by. I was the leader of the group members and I decided the concept and organized the work of the other members from a long distance.

I learned how to express social concepts in a way which could be universally understood, shocking and reflective. I recorded in different languages, the other artists recorded in Mandarin and Thai. 

Learning outcomes:

- Leading a group

- Organize a group at a distance

- Expressing social concepts trough an artwork

22-24 February 2019, Ugly Duck, London, UK, “Postopia”

 The Postopia exhibition was held at the Ugly Duck gallery located in central London with both students from the first and second year of the MFA Fine Art at Wimbledon, UAL. I sent the proposal to the organizers of the show as I wanted to participate and I learned how to write the proposal for an art show. 

Thus, I collaborated with performance artist Valeriya Vakutina and discussed ideas about personal space. Over the private view of Postopia exhibition, we sparked people's attention on this topic by simple engaging in a conversation and asking about personal preferences and experiences. Collaborating with Valeriya was an excellent opportunity to learn collaborative skills for a project and the ability of reaching compromises.


This experience allowed me to gain experience in discussing with people about social issues. I learned how to engage differently according to the age and the culture of the person I was speaking to, and how to use social norms of greeting especially with people of older ages.

Learning outcomes:

- How to write a proposal for a show

- Collaboration skills

- Conversation skills

- Engagement skills

1-4 February 2019, Legge Studios, London, UK, “Sparks”


 Students of MFA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL organized a show at Legge Studios, which is a metal workshop, not the classical place for an exhibition. It was very difficult to set up a show in it and I learned how to highlight the artworks in a difficult environment, with the tools and the machinery of the workshop which got plenty of space in the gallery. 


 I achieved skills to solve problems at the very last minute, because there were problems before the private view: it was cold and there was water leaking from the sealing. During the private view we were interviewed by a Tv channel and I gained confidence to speak in front of a camera.

 I learned curatorial skills and how to prevent the damage of artworks. As long as the technical skills and curation, working with my classmate made me achieve collaboration skills with people of different background. Me and a colleague were part of the marketing team so we decided the art direction of the exhibition: concept, branding and poster. I did two animations and promoted the Twitter account as long as the event on Art Rabbit, platform used for art events, and I contacted some journalists to promote the event. I wrote an article which was published twice: on London Art News and the magazine of Lewisham Local.

Learning outcomes:

- Curatorial skills

- Marketing skills

- Problem solving 

- Contacting journalists

- Writing articles