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Religion has a strong meaning in human beings' lifes, and catholicism in particular see future, one of the questions tries to answer, is seen positively as a omen of salvification, while only death is certain.


Nietzsche says that the genial thought of Christianism is to say to human being they will never die. These considerations made Louises Will start considering life as a journey.

Listening to the song “Heroin” by the Velvet Underground the first sentence says “I don’t know, just where I am going”. Life is uncertain, considering humans do not know the future and they are anxious about it. The idea developed from the painting of a white street sign, which became blank with no direction.


This describe the condition in which life is a path which people do not know the direction they are going. This was the beginning of the project "Can't see the way - I am lost", a photographic the artist is developing since 2018. Subsequently are displayed digital photographies manipulate cancelling the messages on the signs.


The meaning is that everyone go wrong when it comes the future. Life is a path with no concrete direction. 


Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 14.12.12.png
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 14.20.11.jpg
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 13.46.30.png
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 15.46.05.png
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 15.35.09.png
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 14.16.29.png
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 15.34.33.png
Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 13.50.49.png
lost in purple.jpg


Wimbledon College of Arts


Fernando Pessoa in “Livro do Desassossego” says “life is an experimental journey that we make involuntarily. It is a journey of the mind through matter.” The author considers life a path we need to complete, and we use our mind to travel trough the planet, which is matter.

Life is a journey taken trough our experiences, and decisions marks the way. This project expresses the stress that uncertainty brings to human beings' life. 

This section displays the collective exhibition at Wimbledon College of Arts, in London, UK, in March 2019, where the artist shows three photos I shot in Malaysia, where she traveled alone for one month, feeling lost on the other side of the world, with a broken phone and with no direction feeling transmitted in a exhibition in London. The second is a solo show at Ottica Allegrini in the city center of Pisa, Italy, in November 2020, and then her participation at Crypto Expo in Milan, Italy, in June 2022.

Ottica Allegrini


Crypto Expo

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