I used to reflect about the meaning of religion in human beings' lifes, catholicism in particular as it is the founder of the culture I belong to. In the catholic thought future, one of the questions human being try to answer, is seen positively as a omen of salvification, while only death is certain. Nietzsche says that the genial thought of Christianism is to say to human being they will never die. These considerations made me start considering life as a journey.

Listening to the song “Heroin” by the Velvet Underground I was impressed by the first sentence “I don’t know, just where I am going”. This made me reflect about how uncertain our life is, considering humans do not know the future and they are anxious about it. To develop my research, firstly I painted white a street sign, which became blank with no direction.


This describe the condition in which life is a path which people do not know the direction they are going. This was the beginning of the project "Can't see the way - I am lost", a photographic project I am developing since 2018. I shot digital photographies which I manipulate cancelling the messages on the signs.


The meaning is that everyone go wrong when it comes the future. If we see life as a path, we do not know where we are going, and we have no direction in life. 


All the photos are shot digitally, prints available on fine art paper on aluminium support. 



Fernando Pessoa in “Livro do Desassossego” says “life is an experimental journey that we make involuntarily. It is a journey of the mind through matter.” The author considers life a path we need to complete, and we use our mind to travel trough the planet, which is matter.

My aim was to explain the theme of life as a journey which we take trough our experiences, and when we decide where to go we decide a certain way. As we do not know the future, I also wanted to express the stress that uncertainty brings to human beings' life. 

Taking part in a collective exhibition at Wimbledon College of Arts, in London, UK, in March 2019, I decided to show three photos I shot in Malaysia. The reason is that I shot this three pictures when I was in Malaysia alone. Travel alone on the other side of the world led me to reflect about feeling lost in life and with no direction in life, feeling I wanted to transmit with the exhibition in London.


Lost at WCA

London, UK, March 2019, 60x50 cm, digital photography on fine art paper