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Part of Louises Will's research focuses on anthropocene. A huge inspiration is represented by Olafur Eliasson. His work is not limited to the confines of the museum and gallery, it engages the broader public sphere through architectural projects, interventions in civic space, arts education, policy-making, and issues of sustainability and climate change. His practice involves in the artworks, where the spectators recognize themselves in their belonging environment. He believes art has a strong impact outside the museum and argues art can arouse a strong sensitivity in people. 

Inasmuch as detecting a very important function in art, arousing sensitivity, Louises Will aim is to make people reflect about historical issues. Working as freelance photographer and art director, her work narrates the relationship between the environment and human beings, as it risk to undermine the world. Human beings' activity modify territories, climate and the structures of the planet. 

The influence of human beings over nature is so strong now is nearly impossible to find completely natural spots. She researches the concept of artificial landscapes using painting as a medium which she uses to imagine the future perspectives of the planet. The result are material paintings made using polish, mold, acrylics and plastic on canvas. 


Louises Will researches using photography, as it is the medium that represent reality, experimenting a sort of land art practice using natural scenes and anthropomorphic materials. In her scenes there is a piece of human trace which the viewer do not realize at the first sight.


The result is that the anthropomorphic material vanish in the natural environment and expresses the subtle subjugation of nature by human beings. This experiment, as long as expressing her need to travel to think and develop my ideas, represent an intent of shaping land art with human materials. The result is that is very difficult to find unpolluted areas nowadays. Indeed the natural environment and the plastic materials create compositions which seems normal and natural utterly. 


Below there is the resume of Louises Will's showcases about the relationship between human beings and nature. She designed the poster and showed two photos in a collective exhibition at Platform Southwark in London, UK, on December 2019.


Subsequently, she organized a cultural event in Pisa, Italy, in October 2020, called "The hinterland of humans' mind". She worked with photography and printed three photos on fine art paper which were sold to to two Italian collectors. As long as photography she also showed one mirror reflecting about egoism in front of environmental problems, and created a video projected together with thirty minute electronic music concert.

Platform Southwark

The hinterland of humans' mind

Natura Capovolta

Futuro Retroverso

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