Louises Will is my alter ego representing my will to develop my art practice. Part of my research expresses the fact that for centuries human beings dominated their natural environment. For example by showing photographies of pollution and the harmful relationship between humans and nature. Indeed my aim is making the viewer reflect about social and cultural issues, thanks to the influence I get from social engaged art.


I mainly use photography, but I use painting, sculpture and performance to experiment and go deeper in my research. I mainly use my digital Nikon camera and my phone. What I like about photography is that it represents reality for our eyes. I manipulate my photos with editing softwares canceling the details, to question the viewer about what is real and what is not.


Photography is the witness of actuality, it isolates time and space in an image. It allows my art practice to see reality from a different perspective and to see objects from the outside. As long as photography a huge part of my research process is aimed by travels. This allow my practice to explore different cultures and sensitivities and makes me reflect about what to study and focus on.

"Self portait with garbage", Pisa, Italy, February 2021, 100x60 cm